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Witches' Runes - 10 Piece Set

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Introducing our Witches' Runes sets! Similar to the Nordic Rune system, these stones are used for divination by casting them onto a mat, table, or floor. There is not a whole lot of information on the origins of Witches' Runes, but many believe they were created sometime in the 19th or 20th century for modern witches and diviners. There are also different types of sets; some come with eight stones, some with 13. This set has 10 stones.

Harvest (looks like wheat) - Rewards for work, the right path
Sun - Protection, attention, and wealth
Moon - Changes, cycles, and ancestors
Flight (three smaller lines) - Information, travel, and movement
Rings - Connection to others, contracts, marriage
Crossroads - Choices, opposition, and conflict
Star - Hope, wishes, and destiny
Waves (three stacked lines) - Intuition, mystery, and emotions
Scythe - Endings, transformation, and danger
Eye - Vision, realization, and wisdom

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