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Woodburned Tarot Board - Exclusive Design

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The Rose Craft x Shinycraft bring you an exclusive Tarot board, featuring a witchy, woodburned design and our favorite three-card spread.

Your Tarot (and Oracle!) readings are now easier and more elevated with this stunning piece of craftsmanship. We brought Shinycraft onboard with this project because her woodburning skills are amazing, and she also excels at designs for us witches.

The spread featured on the board is Situation, Obstacle, Advice. Using your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck, shuffle, draw three cards, and then place them on the board from left to right. The first card represents the "now," the current energy of your situation. The second card represents the main obstacle that stands in the way of your intention. The third card represents the advice from the Universe (or from whomever you’re asking) on how to overcome that obstacle and set yourself freely down the path once again.

This thick board is made completely of wood and measures 11 x 7.5 inches. It easily fits both Tarot and Oracle cards (we made sure of this because Oracle cards can sometimes be a bit bigger!). The card positions are displayed underneath the three rectangles, and the design features delicately woodburned roses, leaves, vine-like lines, and a pentacle on the bottom. 

We are over the moon with this collaboration, and we truly hope card readers of all walks of life will benefit from this beautiful product. There is a limited supply – once they’re gone, they’re gone!