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2022 Calendars and Almanacs

2022 Calendars and Almanacs

It is that time of the year again when calendars and almanacs for the next year to start coming out. While it may seem that 5-6 months ahead of the new year may be a bit early, some almanacs actually begin prior to the start of a new year.

Whether you like to get yours early for yourself or gifts or just check out what is out there on the market until the new year comes closer, this is a guide to some of the calendars and almanacs we are carrying in our shop for the year 2022.

For those that enjoy planning or at least enjoy having some means of referencing important information for the year ahead, wall calendars, almanacs, and datebooks can be great references. We try to curate ones that will be most appropriate for witches and pagans while still allowing some fun versatility.

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Wall Calendars

Traditional wall calendars make a great addition to any home, allowing you see at-a-glance the dates and events for the whole month. Busy families may color-code events for different members and be able to organize their schedules. Others may prefer wall calendars just to see the holidays and other important information the calendar provides.

For 2022, we have selected two of the more popular witchy wall calendars. As the new year gets closer, new ones may become available on we'll update this page to show them.

Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar 2022

The most popular wall calendar for witches and pagans, the Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar brings together amazing artwork from Jennifer Hewitson and inspiring articles and rituals from various writers for each month. Featuring holidays, sabbats, astrological information, and monthly correspondences, this calendar is a must for any witch.

BUY HERE: $15.00

Llewellyn's Greenwitch Botanical Calendar 2022

This beautiful calendar features the artwork of Siolo Thompson, artist and creator of the Linestrider Tarot and the Otherkin Tarot. This calendar includes US, UK, and Canadian holidays, sabbats, moon phases, and eclipses with illustrations to inspire the greenwitch in you.

BUY HERE: $15.00

Almanacs and Planners

Almanacs provide a nice reference of articles and pertinent astrological information for witches and pagans each year. Planners are excellent tools to keep track of your daily to-dos and weekly events to plan ahead for your next sabbat.

2022 Witches' Datebook

Making an excellent, portable companion to the Witches' Wall Calendar, this datebook is a weekly, spiral bound planner. Illustrated by Jennifer Hewitson, this planner provides articles and insights into potion making, elements, Sabbat musings, and over 100 magical tips and tricks for the year.

BUY HERE: $14.00

2022 Sabbats Almanac

Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac is one that you should always get before the year is out. This almanac begins at Samhain each year and runs through Mabon of the next. It makes an excellent guide for coming up with new rituals, crafts, spells, and recipes each year for your personal or group celebrations. Get today and start planning ahead, only two more Sabbats to go before Samhain!

BUY HERE: $14.00

2022 Magical Almanac

Filled with articles centered around the elements, the Magical Almanac is a great reference year after year for connecting with various aspects of witchcraft and paganism. Also providing an in-depth almanac section to reference for sabbats, holidays, and daily magic.

BUY HERE: $15.00

2022 Witches' Companion

One of the most versatile and timeless of the Llewellyn almanacs, the Witches' Companion provides articles for living a more magical life with yourself and within a community at large.

BUY HERE: $14.00

2021 Almanacs 50% OFF Sale!

As the year is waning further, we still have a few 2021 Almanacs left. These almanacs are on sale currently for 50% off!

2021 Spell-a-Day

Including 365 spells, rituals, and prayers that can be said each day of the year, this spell almanac while timely, can still be adapted past its year of interest. Get now and start casting spells daily the rest of the year!

BUY HERE: $6.50

2021 Magical Almanac

The Llewellyn's Magical Almanacs are great for reference year after year. While some of the middle almanac information becomes outdated after the year, the articles that comprise the majority of the book are good year after year. Get it now and utilize the almanac for the second half of the year, as well as using the articles well beyond.

BUY HERE: $7.50

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