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Blog List for Samhain Season

Blog List for Samhain Season

Readings from the Rose Craft Pages to Inspire You

This time of year is a perfect time for making magica changes in your life. Harvesting what you have worked so hard on during the past year, and letting go of the things that didn’t work out for you. It is a somber time, but also one that many witches celebrate.

If you are in search of a few ways to work your magic, celebrate, or just bask in the energy that is the season of the witch, here is a list of blogs to give you some next step ideas.

Celebrating Samhain

This blog gives a fun breakdown of activities to try out for Samhain. If you need altar decorating ideas for the season, this is the one to check out.

Fall Witch Tips

A more recent blog that presents several ideas for the autumn season in general. If you are less inclined to celebrate Samhain but want to work some magic throughout the fall, this would be a good blog to check out.

How to Create an Altar

If you are new to witchcraft or need a refresher on setting up your altar, this is a good post to get some good ideas. From shrines to working altars to seasonal ones, this post presents several ways to get your altar set up.

How to Work With Your Ancestors

Many witches, pagans, and other spiritually minded folks tend to do a lot of ancestor work this time of year. This beginner post gives you a good starting point to work with your ancestors this fall.

Deity and Spirit Work

Similar in the vein to the previous blog post, this one on deities and general spirit work may be one to review as well this season. The thin veil makes spirit communication much easier for many folks so you may get an idea for types of spirits you wish to work with from this post.

Crystals for Spirit Work

Whether working with spirits, deities, or your ancestors, this list crystals may help you keep communication clear and accurate with them.

Crystals for Shadow Work

If you are delving into shadow work this season, you may want to gather some of these crystals into your personal arsenal to ease the process.

Other Ideas

There are many beginner blogs throughout The Rose Craft Pages blog. From those on how to celebrate the various Wheel of the Year Sabbats, to crystal lists, to beginner witchcraft posts, etc. If you want shopping lists for the fall, we have those too! You may find you want to start up a divination practice this fall and need help picking out a tarot/oracle deck or need a list of crystals to help enhance your reading skills.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this list gives you a refresher on some of the seasonal blogs we have here on The Rose Craft Pages. Maybe it will give you a few new ideas of what to work on this season.

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